VW 1302 LS Cabrio


Ein deutsches Kulturgut

First registration:           17.04.1972
Kennzeichen:              E-CN 571
VIN:                                1522591917

The Technology:
Air-cooled rear engine rear wheel drive
1570cc - 50 hp
4-speed gearbox Disc brakes in front & drums in the back
original RONAL rims 5.5 x 15

The VW Beetle 1302 was only built from 1970 - 1972. Its share in the overall production of the "modern" Beetle is correspondingly small. The VW 1302 LS CABRIO, built by KARMANN, is now even rarer on German roads. According to the KBA, there were only 225 units in 2019, in contrast to the reported 18,716 VW 1303 LS Cabrio vehicles in the same year. Of the 1302 & 1303 versions, the 1302 has always been the more interesting car for me because of it.

- the typical Beetle dashboard
- the straight windscreen
- the smaller rear lights
- the indicator on the front fenders
- the longest bonnet a Beetle has ever had

The history:
I bought the car shown here second hand in Germany in 1982, exactly as pictured. Nothing has changed in the past 40 years. Recaro seats, instruments, steering wheel, RONAL rims, Koni chassis and an oil cooler from the NSU TTS were already installed in 1982. Technically, the VW 1302 LS convertible always remained original with 50 hp.