Permit:        11.09.1962
FIAT VIN:          100D*1321028*

The Technology:
ABA 214D engine 850 TC Corsa - *1031479*
847 cc - approx. 75 hp
Water cooler & oil cooler in front
Original 5-speed ABARTH gearbox 9/39 without lock
GIRLING 12-inch fixed caliper brake 3-piston in front
Complete ABARTH Corsa chassis front and rear
CAMPAGNOLO magnesium rims 5.5 x 13 front & rear

The history:
This car has a very eventful past. The Italian vehicle documents from 1962 show that it was originally a FIAT ABARTH 1000 TC road version. According to its year of construction, it had "suicide doors". First owner and second owner came from Bozen. The license plate was BZ 48895.

The story of this ABARTH begins in Germany in 1966. At this point, the car had already been converted to front-hinged doors. Walter Franz, a fitter at FIAT-STÖCKLMEIER in Amberg, bought the car. It was not registered in Amberg and was only used by Franz as a racing car. It was converted to the narrow ABARTH 1000 TC Corsa version with the corresponding original ABARTH components.

From 1966 - 1973 Walter Franz used the ABARTH 1000 TC in countless races. He competed in the same car in both the 850cc and 1000cc classes because he owned both original ABARTH engines. In 1968, Walter Franz rolled over at the hill climb in Eichenbühl near Würzburg. The car received a new roof.

Via the Voigt company in Neumarkt/Oberpfalz, this ABARTH 1000 TC came to Eduard Leisgang in Hirschaid in the 1980s and finally came to me in 2015. When I bought the car it was equipped with an ABARTH 850 TC engine. The ABARTH 1000 TC engine was missing. Leo Aumüller first registered the car on German roads in 1988, erroneously also as the ABARTH 850 TC. Leo Aumüller didn't have the Italian papers that I have now.

The car is still in the same condition in which it was used by Walter Franz more than 50 years ago.