about me

A few words about me in brief:

As children we played with the Distler Porsche, with the Stabil construction kit and the car quartet.
We dreamed of cars that were out of the question for our parents, the Jaguar E-Type, the Porsche 356 Carrera, the Facel Vega, the GLAS 1304 TS, the ABARTH 1000 or the ABARTH SIMCA.
Where I grew up, there was a racing scene on ABARTH vehicles in the immediate vicinity of where I lived.

So it happened as it had to and fate took its course: over the years, my childhood passion for the small, fast cars of Carlo Abarth has resulted in a small collection of ABARTH's.
Among other things, this homepage deals with some of the fantastic constructions by Carlo Abarth up to the mid-seventies of the last century.
But not only this one. At racing events, in the starting field up to 1000 ccm, I repeatedly encountered unusual vehicles from the competition from SIMCA, Deutsch-Bonnet, Moretti, FIAT etc. etc. etc..
Be inspired by these cars! They have one thing in common: design and technology are perfect, the production numbers were low. Your sympathy value as a classic car is high.
These are cars that no one really needs and that everyone likes to own. For me, they are technical works of art, technical cultural assets.

All vehicles are part of a collection. I

am at your disposal for questions, suggestions and discussions about petrol.

Norbert Gelleschun