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Carlo Abarth`s unique GT - creation for the daily use.

Zagato coached cars out the production of ABARTH & C. dominated the racing scene all over the world since 1958 as  "Record Monza" with their bialbero-engines (bialbero = 2 cams). In 1961 this serie was replaced by the "Fiat Abarth 1000 Bialbero". Its Coachwork presented the result of Carlo Abarth`s own development. The "1000 Bialbero" came as a pure racing GT.


The car missing was a car representing this allover winning GT in the cities and on the the streets. Carlo Abarth felt, that an ABARTH GT for daily use had to be built at the ambitioned drivers request. So in 1961 the "MONOMILLE" was born :

MONO  means :                                    one cam
MILLE  described the class :            up to 1000 ccm


A brillant GT with a hand made bodywork out of aluminium based on the 600 D platform ! Depending on transmission and final drive  a speed of 170 km/h - 180 km/h was possible out of 982 ccm and 60 hp. On top a sporty interieur and a breath taking outfit: The eyecatcher of the early sixties was born. The contemporary tests about the "MONOMILLE" read themselfs as a homage to Carlo Abarth, so high this car was praised. If only it has not been as much expensive!!! The ridicule of the international press about the Abarth  GT`s as "poor man`s Ferrari" has finally come to an end: The sensational MONO1000 has set high standards for the street going GT`s of the future.

Driving a MONOMILLE in daily use meant to feel the admirable views of anyone. Which little GT was priced 19.800,-  German Marks in 1964 ??? You could buy a Porsche 1600 C for 14.900,- German Marks and a beetle was priced 4.200,- German Marks ! 

ABARTH  GT-cars always presented exclusive and very expensive technical works of art. That made them desirable in the sixties and secures their value for ABARTH collectors today.

There were less than 50 "MONOMILLE" built from 1961 up to 1965. Some experts maintain, that it have not been 25. Please mind, when did you see the  offer of an MONOMILLE in the international press? 


There have been two versions of the "MONOMILLE" :









This was the early version with the roundtail and exposed headlights like the car from Belgium. The upper car from Germany is a car which has been built with the headlights of the BIALBERO under plexi-covers. Cars have been delivered to custumers with or without bumpers. All of them have been equipped with three instruments measuring 12 cm of diameter - same as in the Record Monza. Engine:  60 hp out of  982 ccm, very often the AH-engine, but not a must!!!  Four Girling brakes and Borrani steel wheels measuring 4,5 x 13 inches with triangel - not round - wholes. Campagnolo wheels 4,5 x 13 with six wholes - not eight - have been sold as an extra. The radiator of the MONOMILLE SCORPIONE was placed in the back of the car. Later versions had a front radiator (see homologation papers!). The opening in the back lid was optional and not longer found in the version with front radiator










Starting in 1963 Carlo Abarth presented a completely new construction of the  "MONOMILLE" called  "MONOMILLE GT". The roundtail had gone. This marvellous GT with its  "ducktail" was a home made innovation of Carlo Abarth.  What an outline of the team around Ing. Colluci!!!  The "MONOMILLE GT" was offered in three types :




Coachwork completely made out of aluminium on the shortened chassis of the FIAT 600D. The street version had drop windows in front with additional triangular windows, which could be opened. The back windows could be opened too. Dashboard showed a central rev counter - diameter 12 cm - combiistrument on the left and speedometer on the right side with a diamater of 10 cm. Instrument`s layout was identical to that of the 850/1000 TC. The racing version of the "MONOMILLE GT" showed the dashboard of the "1000 Bialbero". The street version was delivered with or without bumpers. The four Girling brakes,  4 - speed gearbox and motor technique kept the same. Only the radiator went to the front and was combined with a shortened water pump. Engine blocks now always were out of AH- production.





There are only four cars known of the street version with exposed headlights: 



     sold in november 2007





The Mahlon Craft car in the USA:














The fourth car has been sold in the USA in 2021 - 165.000,- USD -- after complete restauration






Chassis number of the  "MONOMILLE GT" always has to start with a 110 for the typ. Following are four numerals. The four cars above have the numbers: 110.0386 - 110.0380 - 110.0381 and 110.0390




At the Saloon of Geneve 1963 Carlo Abarth presented two versions of the "MONOMILLE GT":  In front you see the version with covered headlights and at the back the exposed headlight version.

Whatever your favorite MONOMILLE may be, Im sure you must be lucky very to find one of them for sale.



But you`ll find a replica from time to time. They are made of GFK plastic not of aluminium. Most of them have been copied and built in the eighties.  Sometimes they are offered as real "MONOMILLE GT" even with FIA-papers from 1963 - 1965. So someone laminated the plastic after market replica on to a FIAT 600 Chassis from those years - and a new ABARTH was born.

So be carefull, if you want to buy a "MONOMILLE GT" !




copyright: Dr. Norbert Gelleschun